Awareness Course (1 day) Awareness Revalidation Course (1 day)


From 1 January 2009 this course will be included as part of the HDA course. This course may be conducted separately.


This course will equip delegates with the knowledge required to recognize and handle Dangerous Goods during the transportation process.


The course is fully approved in Kazakhstan by the Civil Aviation Committee (CAC) and concludes with an open book examination.


Successful delegates receive a certificate of completion, valid for two years, before the end of which they must revalidate their qualification.


Delegates will learn how to:


 Recognise the different packagings and their requirements

 Recognise the different labels

 Complete the Notification to Captain

 Check shipments during loading, unloading and storage

 Recognise and react to emergency situations


The Awareness course is offered as a one day course, as is the Revalidation course.


The course can be conducted in the English Language, or any other language with the aid of your supplied translator.


Assessment results are usually available on the same day. (Dependant upon the number of Students)


All enquiries regarding dates , prices and availability to admin@crs.kz please