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Each certificate carries an expiry date, requiring the holder to undertake 'Further Training' in line with current international standards.

This course is designed to meet the OPITO and Kazakh Authority standard for training Offshore Helideck Assistants in the routine offshore helideck operations and the appropriate responses to offshore helideck emergencies.

Possession of a current Offshore Emergency Helideck Team Member certificate and a current BOSIET certificate is required.

Delegates successfully completing the course will have gained knowledge of and have the ability to:

Recognise the special hazards associated with Offshore Helicopter Operations and to act to prevent incidents occurring.
Contribute to the safety of all helicopter operations.
Handle cargo and baggage, including Dangerous Goods.

Training consists of both classroom and practical work

Helicopter used for training

Purpose built full size helideck

A 3 Day course, which includes the required HDADGA  -  Helideck Assistants Dangerous Goods Awareness course

Course are conducted by arrangement with CRS,

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